About Us

It all began in the Greek Islands where we, two Adelaide girls, started our adventure of a life time. It was there on the picturesque beaches of Mykonos that we realised our dream, and became inspired and determined to make it a reality.

Upon our return home we put a plan in place and took the leap of faith. We have no regrets. We have sourced some amazing, unique bikinis from across the globe and brought them to the women of our home town. Seeing them feel confident and sexy in these pieces is what Marvin + Medusa is all about. Marvin + Medusa babes are carefree, fun, wild and full of life.

But that's just the beginning. Through our love and passion for bikinis, fashion and the beach, we want to bring this confident and beautiful feeling to the women all across the world. Our name itself is inspired by these passions. 

Marvin: Lives by the sea and friend of the sea.

Medusa: To protect and to rule.

We aim to provide our customers with only the highest quality swimwear that not only feels amazing on but also flatters our beautiful womanly curves.

Watch this space friends. Bigger and better things to come.